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Tattooing during Pregnancy – Pregnancy and Tattoos

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Many things are said on this subject, some are true and some are terribly false, read this if you are considering Tattooing during pregnancy. However, on many occasions we choose to get a tattoo to leave a mark on a special moment, to remember something forever and that is how many women choose to tattoo during pregnancy in honor of the new member of the family or to celebrate the pregnancy itself.

Similarly, many of these women choose the area of ​​the stomach or belly to get the tattoo and in fact, if it is true that there are certain things that should not be overlooked. Today in we offer you 5 points to consider before getting a tattoo while pregnant (Tattooing during pregnancy).

Tattoo during pregnancy

We know clearly how a tattoo is made and we are all aware of what the whole process entails, the moment when we get the tattoo and the risks we run while it heals and heals completely. In the vast majority, and I encourage you to say, that virtually all local and tattoo houses, refuse to tattoo a pregnant woman. Infections are always a possibility, minimal, but they are. Nor do we know for sure how our body will react to ink and much more. That is why, it is always best to wait and enjoy getting a tattoo without risks, as it should be.Tattooing during pregnancy

Tattooing during pregnancy 4 points to consider

Weight gain

The appearance, design and quality of your tattoo will be modified after a weight gain. The skin has an elastic character and as such, it stretches when you gain weight and after this, your tattoo and your appearance will suffer the consequences. You can imagine or do the following, take a balloon, draw on it a drawing with a pen and then inflate it. By observing the changes you will understand what I mean.

A possible cesarean section

The possibility of a cesarean is always present. In addition to the strong stretch that will suffer the skin and that the tattoo will deform, finally the doctor may have to practice a cesarean, which will literally involve opening the abdomen and of course a tattoo, will not prevent it. In short, your tattoo in addition to the deformation it suffered during pregnancy, will be ruined completely.

Stretch marks

As a result of stretching the skin of the belly, there will be several stretch marks and the tattoos that are in the area, will be ruined. Some artists know how to work according to these, and even cover or disguise these with tattoos, but conversely, your tattoo will be ruined.


While a woman is breastfeeding a child, her body must be kept 100% natural and this is very important. No type of agent outside your body should be found there, a mother who breastfeeds her child should stay strong, healthy and above all in a natural way. Everything that the body has is transmitted to the child, so a mother has to let go at least 6 months since she stopped breastfeeding her child to consider a tattoo.

Well, I hope these important points to consider about getting tattooed during pregnancy have been a great help. I invite you now to continue expanding your knowledge regarding tattoo and pregnancy, I recommend taking into account for example how tattoos work on stretch marks or consider other options, such as henna tattoos in pregnant women.

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