Sunday 19 November 2017

In our Pregnancy Week by Week categoty we have prepared  some detailed blog posts on the Regnancy week by week to help our readers. you can get this also by leaving your mail on our pregnancy calculator post. Consider visiting it to know the week your pregnancy is in.

Pregnancy Week by Week

Week 1 & 2 – The arrival of the fertilized egg
Week 3 – Conception and fertilization
Week 4 – Placenta and embryo are developing
Week 5 – Baby’s heartbeats beat for the first time
Week 6 – Baby’s head takes shape
Week 7 – Baby’s arms and legs are developing
Week 8 – Baby’s Facial features are visible
Week 9 – The start of the fetal period
Week 10 – Baby’s bones are hardening
Week 11 – Fingers and toes are emerging
Week 12 – Digestive system is at work
Week 13 – Second trimester begins
Week 14 – It’s all about hair now
Week 15 – Constantly kicking and flexing
Week 16 – Baby can hear your voice
Week 17 – Practicing more sucking and swallowing
Week 18 – Feeling your baby kicking and punching
Week 19 – Baby has a protective coating
Week 20 – Girl or boy?
Week 21 – Baby gets taste buds
Week 22 – Sharpening all the senses
Week 23 – Serious baby weight gain
Week 24 – Baby’s face is formed
Week 25 – Baby’s lungs closer to maturity
Week 26 – Baby’s eyes are opening
Week 27 – Huge growth spurt
Week 28 – Baby may be dreaming too
Week 29 – Permanent teeth are forming
Week 30 – Brain is growing bigger
Week 31 – Baby’s sense are really developed
Week 32 – Head down or breach?
Week 33 – Immune system is developing
Week 34 – Baby’s got fingernails
Week 35 – Significant gain weight
Week 36 – Growth slows down
Week 37 – Practicing for birth
Week 38 – Almost ready to go
Week 39 – Baby’s skin becomes white
Week 40 – Official end of the pregnancy
Week 41 – Stress hormones are good
Week 42 – Late delivery

Please let our pregnancy week by week blog guide you through the various weeks of pregnancy right up until the birth of your baby.

pregnancy week by week

Just Click on each Week to visit a new post on the pregnancy week by week calendar guide we made for you.

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